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Tractors And Troubadours

Apr 29, 2022

On this episode, AgWiki CEO Randy Krotz discusses the new social platform that connects farmers, ranchers and other agriculture industry stakeholders. In this week’s Meat Monitor segment, U.S. Meat Export Federation Vice President of Economic Analysis Erin Borror discusses how the war in Ukraine is affecting meat exports. Jesse Allen talks developments in the soybean markets in this week’s Market Talk segment and Ray Bohacz gives practical tips for power transmission belts in this week’s installment of Bushels and Cents. Also, former “American Idol” contestant Alex Miller stops by to talk about his debut album, “Miller Time,” and share some of his traditional country music.


Intro/news: 0:00 advertisement: 6:01

Randy Krotz, AgWiki: 6:20

Concept AgriTek advertisement: 20:21

Erin Borror, U.S. Meat Export Federation: 20:54

Jesse Allen, Market Talk: 24:55

Ray Bohacz, “Bushels and Cents”: 30:38

Gateway Seed Co. advertisement: 32:14

Alex Miller: 32:45